What is HODLpac?
HODLpac is a political action committee (PAC) - an organization that pools money and donates it to candidates for public office.
Our mission is to support candidates for the House of Representatives and Senate whose policies would promote the development of cryptocurrencies and the decentralized economy in the United States.
HODLpac is a community-governed PAC. We rely on the participation of the community to function, much like the cryptonetworks we want to see thrive in the United States.
In 2020, our members decided who we supported with funds raised to the PAC by voting with HODLvotes - our governance token.
For 2022, we're building something new.
This documentation explains:
  • How HODLpac will work in 2022
  • How to donate to HODLpac
  • HODLpac's Community Governance
  • The answers to frequently asked questions about HODLpac.
Important: This is intended to be a living document which will be amended as HODLpac grows. We want the community to be a part of building HODLpac. Have ideas? Reach out at: [email protected] or join our Discord.
Last modified 3mo ago
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