Community Governance
HODLpac as a cryptonative political organization.
HODLpac is inspired by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). We don't claim to be one (yet), but we are committed to community governance and will progressively decentralize to the maximum point allowed by FEC rules and technical limitations.
Our exact community governance framework is still in the works but read on for principles we're committing to right now and want your feedback on.
Email [email protected], join our Discord to contribute ideas, or tweet at us.

Earning HODLvote Tokens

Individuals will earn HODLvote tokens by donating to HODLpac and participating in Donation Rounds.
Corporations who donate to HODLpac's Super PAC will not be eligible to receive HODLvote tokens, this is in order to keep HODLpac a grassroots political organization of citizens that want to see the cryptoeconomy thrive in the United States.

Using HODLvote Tokens

HODLvote tokens will be an ERC-20 token used to govern various aspects of HODLpac, including:
    How much of each matching pool (there will be separate pools for different political parties) to allocate to each Donation Round
    The use of Super PAC funds, including who to support and how.
      For example, Super PAC funds could be donated to other political organizations working for or against candidates we want to support or oppose, or HODLpac could hire consultants itself.
    Organizational decisions like whether to hire full time staff, pay other contributors, or otherwise spend funds to develop HODLpac as an organization.
We will use existing DAO governance tools like Snapshot and Boardroom to make our decisions. We will also have a Discord channel dedicated to governance matters.
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