Community Governance

You help decide who HODLpac supports

HODLpac's community governance process is simple:

You can become a member of HODLpac by earning HODLvotes through donating and participating in our community.

Members of HODLpac then "spend" their HODLvotes during our community ballots to determine which politicians we support. HODLpac uses a system called "quadratic voting" during our community ballots, check out this link or our FAQs to learn more.

Disclaimer: HODLpac membership is limited to people with permanent lawful status in the United States.

HODLpac's Discord

HODLpac has a Discord server that our community uses to talk about crypto-related policy, which champions in Congress to support, and more.

Join HODLpac's Discord

If you're a member of HODLpac (i.e. you own at least 10 HODLvote tokens), then you get access to all the channels. If not, you're only allowed in the #intro channel.


The HODLscore page on HODLpac's website is a resource to help members of HODLpac learn more about who they should vote for during our community ballots.

Don't see your member of Congress or Senator? Think someone is missing? Become a member of HODLpac and drop us a link in our HODLscore Discord channel.