How to Vote

Participating in HODLpac's Community Ballots

If you've earned HODLvotes - and are a lawful resident of the United States - then you're eligible to participate in HODLpac's community ballots.

This is how we decide which campaigns HODLpac should donate to.

Our community ballot page is still under construction by our friends at We the Peeps, but - don't worry - it is coming soon:‚Äč


To vote, you'll need to hook up your crypto wallet to our Community Ballot page.

After that, you'll be able to "spend" your HODLvotes quadratically in support of the candidates you want to direct HODLpac funds to.

Quadratic Voting

What does "spend my HODLvotes quadratically" mean?

Quadratic voting is a super cool voting method where individuals allocate votes to express the degree of their preferences, rather than just the direction of their preferences. (Learn more here and here)

It works, basically, as follows: the cost to the voter is the number of votes squared.

In other words, 1 vote in favor of a politician costs 1 HODLvote, 2 votes in favor of a politician costs 4 HODLvotes, 3 votes in favor of a politician costs 9 HODLVotes, and so on.

Don't worry if that's confusing, our Community Ballot page will make keeping track of your HODLvotes easy!

Nominating Candidates for the Community Ballot

A week before a HODLpac Community Ballot, a special channel in our Discord will be created for HODLpac members to nominate politicians to vote on.